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Long Beach Comic Con 2010

Mystic Monk talks monsters, art, & mysticism       |       Mystic Monk Cartoons

You've heard the podcast, now watch the show on YouTube - Part 1        and Part 2.

the IN show studio

December 30, 2010 1:00 pm US/Pacific

Tim Ryan | Mystic Monk Creator
and Atomic Boxing Owner visits with the "IN" show.

Hollywood - CA Exercise and Fitness Guru by day, Mystic Monk Cartoons Creator by night....sounds like the beginnings of every other super hero story.....with one exception, this super hero has created characters that aren't your average, everyday type of characters!

Mystic Monk Cartoons are the mind creatures of Cartoon artist Tim Ryan. Based in Southern California, Tim is the owner and operator of Atomic Boxing. Highly recognized for his Kickboxing fitness class, Fusion Kickboxing™ (it has been voted as the #1 Workout in the South Bay), Tim takes a practical approach to teaching the beginner and advanced alike in the proper mechanics necessary to develop a hard, toned, fit, and sculpted body.

Tim's devotion to the advancement of health and fitness allowed him to explore other facets of well-being also. With the same dedication he uses for understanding and educating others how to strengthen and build their bodies, he delves into and explores the resolve of and reason for humanity as purported by the many degrees of existing mysticisms.

And so, super hero Tim Ryan | Mystic Monk has come full circle in this particular journey; and, with the expectation to inspire, has made occasion to bring together his experiences and devotion to develop his long-time artistic conception into the unique creations known as Mystic Monk Cartoons.

With purpose and singularity, Tim Ryan has created cartoons that are hip, original and edgy. Their rare ability to appeal to adults and kids alike allows them to be embraced by anyone looking for a fresh and contemporary look. Additionally, as an added highlight that clearly separates Mystic Monk Cartoons from the pack, Tim has incorporated into these creatures an ability to transform, as desired, by the beholder.

Listen in while Tim Ryan | Mystic Monk talks monsters, art, and mysticism with the "IN" show; and, share the love by checking out his cool creations on MySpace (here) and at MysticMonkCartoons.com.

Tim Ryan: Mystic Monk on the "IN" show.

October 30, 2010 12:30 pm US/Pacific

Mystic Monk Cartoons
Online Gallery @ MysticMonkCartoons.com.

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The Long Beach Comic Con

Long Beach Comic Con 2010

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LBCC - Episode2 - broadcast

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