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Milton Rosenberg of Venice Beach Music Fest

Meet Promoter of the Venice Spring Music Fest.

December 16, 2010 7:00 pm US/Pacific

Venice Beach Music Fest's Milton Rosenberg.
Mark your calendar for 2011's Music Fest: August 13-14.

Venice, CA - Milton Rosenberg, one of the driving forces behind the Venice Beach Music Fest, is an avid art lover. With strong roots in the art community, many of the artists and musicians who call Venice, CA home consider him their "go-to" man.

Milton has been involved with the Venice Art Crawl since its inception; and, helped launch it at last year's Venice Beach Music Fest.

During an exhibition he organized with Brian Mylius, he took a few minutes and gave a great, informative interview on the VAC, the Venice Beach Music Fest, and his inspiration for giving back to his community.

An interview with Milton Rosenberg.

Information on the Venice Beach Music Fest.

Venice, CA - To all of you out there....spread the love and be sure to mark the next Venice Beach Music Fest on your calendars...ASAP!

Whether you're part of a band interested in playing the Fest, a music and/or art lover, about giving back to the people around you, you will definitely want to be a part of the Venice Beach Music Fest!
To learn more, check out following links:

MySpace: Venice Beach Music Fest

Facebook: Venice Beach Music Fest

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