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DesignerCon 2010 the smashable mashable convention of artistic design.

November 20, 2010 12:30 pm US/Pacific

DesignerCon 2010
an annual art and design convention!

Pasadena, CA - Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that cleverly and effectively incorporates all things toys, plush, apparel, artwork and more that are created in the world of design. is all about having fun and meeting all of the up-and-coming and tried-and-true artists, designers, manufacturers, and vendors that fast become collecting favorites!

This year was DesignerCon's 5th year and it definitely came together and brought a wonderfully collective effort of artists, designers, and exhibitors that reached out to the convention's attendees. With custom art shows, live demonstrations, autograph sessions, grab bags and more, those who attended left satisfied with this year's DesignerCon and excited for next year's.

What stood out most was how DesignerCon had a little bit of everything and whole lot for everyone!

During the convention, the "IN" show stopped and spoke with a few of the artists exhibiting at the convention. Additionally, Ayleen Gaspar - co-creator (with Ben Goretsky of of DesignerCon - gave us a fantastic interview and we're excited to share it with all of you!

If you made it to this year's DesignerCon, tell everyone you know what a blast it was. If you couldn't make it, then mark your calendar now for next year because it is sure to be even bigger and better than this one's!

Enjoy some of the shots we took while covering DesignerCon 2010; and then, mosey on down to watch the "IN" show's DesignerCon interviews. And remember, be sure to check out DesignerCon online at their site:; and, on facebook: DesignerCon Group. The kid in you will be glad you did!

DesignerCon 2010 Interviews

Ayleen Gaspar is no newbie when it comes to toys! Not only has she been an avid collector of toys since a very early age; but, she continues to actively seek out all toys curious, fantastic, and fun.

When Ayleen is not busy researching, collecting, purchasing, discussing, making, selling (you get the idea) toys, you just might catch her online at or at

So, if you are even a little bit into toys, be sure to check out all that Ayleen and her team have to offer!

PSYCLOPS: the ever-growing and always-amazing, one-eyed world of characters. The six main characters that live the life are Ike, Syndi, Syd, Coco, Ramon and Simone. Their dad is the artistic guru, Jeff Muncy. Together they make a great place for kids (and kids at heart) to hang out while showing their artistic flair and style!

PSYCLOPS, and the soon-coming PSY-lebrities, make great gifts for yourself or that creative someone you love. Check out the PSYCLOPS' headquarters at!

WE ARE OBJECTS is the brainstorm entity of Eric Nichols.

Eric's sketches showcase a post apocalyptic existence where the main character, Party Bot, interacts with endless nights of - yes, partying - while also existing as the sole resistance to the annoyingly evil scum, Lord Bubble Face.

You can get up-to-date information by visiting Party Bot, and Eric, at

Posted by Eric: We Are Objects - ICU track for your downloading pleasure...: Get it here!    Seriously, go get it!

Gus Summers is the Host and Program Producer for The "IN Show, an entertaining broadcast that covers all things exciting and enlightening. When Gus isn't busy covering current events and interesting people, you'll see him out and about enjoying all that the City of Angels has to offer. For any questions, comments, or program ideas, he can be reached at

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