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Long Beach Comic Con 2010

It's easy to see why Corin Nemec has such a huge fan base: He absolutely loves what he does! From that passion stems his desire to explore the many possibilities that entertain his viewing audience.

Corin is known for portraying a vast array of characters: From the fun, fast and furious title character on Parker Lewis Can't Lose, to the sci-fi fan favorite - Jonas Quinn - on Stargate SG-1, to the enigmatic Harold Lauder in the ABC miniseries The Stand, and the list goes on!

With this long line of parts he has acquired, so too have the scores of adoring fans. Comic buffs, sci-fi fans, and more go out of their way to meet with and talk to him as he, too, does for them.

By making the time to appear at different conventions, Corin graciously obliges his fans with a sincere smile, an autographed picture, and a cherished memory for those that walk away after the meeting.

Recently, Corin was at the Long Beach Comic Con. In between talking to fans and signing autographs, he took a moment with the IN show and gave us a peak into what he's doing now and the plans he has in the works.

Enjoy the interview and be sure to stay tuned to find out what Corin has going on now.

Corin Nemec at the LBCC 2010.

Corin Nemec's Interview as heard on the IN show broadcast.

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The Long Beach Comic Con

Long Beach Comic Con 2010

LBCC 2010 Photo Gallery

LBCC - Episode1 - broadcast

LBCC - Episode2 - broadcast

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