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Zack Neuman

Indie Films - the "IN" show Way

From the Sundance Film Festival to Cannes and even to YouTube, everyone has the opportunity to make movie history!

Independent Film Making is an exciting venture for anyone willing to take the plunge. Have an idea? a storyline? a new take on an old theme? Indie Filming can be a way to bring it to the people.

The "IN" show provides a forum for every film maker to share their personal take on the ever popular art form. Join the "IN" show as we talk to producers, directors, and film makers of the independent film industry.

"IN"die Film "in"sights!

September 9, 2010 2:30 pm US/Pacific

Zack Neuman.
Indie Producer and Film maker.

Los Angeles - With his list of experiences, Zack's take on this fast-moving industry is definitely worth hearing!

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