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Anime Expo 2010 - Los Angeles

As always, Anime Expo was a full-tilt blast! We had incredible feedback from attendees, awesome interaction with the "otaku," and great "IN"terviews with long-time Anime exhibitors.

Here you'll find our raw footage, IN Show interviews, and montage of loyal expo attendees. (But first, we just HAD to pay a tribute to one of our favorite Anime classics: Vampire Hunter D.)

Also for your viewing pleasure, you will find up-to-date information about and from Anime movers and shakers. By the way, make room on your calendar for next year's expo; and, we'll be sure to see you there! In the meantime, keep coming back for more!

Vampire Hunter D - Our IN Show Tribute

We don't know of anyone who doesn't have their very own personal TOP TEN Anime List - and we're no different! Vampire Hunter D is right up there on our list. Enjoy our tribute to a classic.

Japan Video Games

Japan Video Games isn't just another anime and gaming company. JVG is a family run business that treats its customers with respect and integrity. Listen to Kenny Huang talk about how JPV got started, what they do, and the products they offer. Also, be sure to visit them online at

Jon Goldman of and

Veoh. Share your videos on THE video sharing network. Want to watch something cool online? It's there. Want to watch your stuff with friends? They make it happen. Want to have a great time online? is where you go. Listen in as Jon Goldman tells us why.

An awesome grouping of Otaku and Cosplay attendee clips.

IN bites - Set I. There was a lot of style and flair with Anime attendees! We had a blast talking with everyone.

We're back with more great Otaku and Cosplay attendees.

IN bites - Set II. We can't tell you how amazing it was to be in the middle of such a great place, we can only show you: The sites, the exhibits, the shows; but, most of all the people!

Got room for more? We did. Here's another set of Anime Expo 2010 attendees.

IN bites - Set III. Maddy, Mark, and Jack: You guys were awesome! Lily and Allie: KUDOS! J: We'll see you next year! Group Fab: We got the message. To all: Many, many thanks! See you all next year!

Who's Otaku? Are you?

In bites - Set IV. We had it all! From characters to costumes to incredible people. Some came for shopping, others for dancing, and everyone for a fantastic time! 2011 - you've got to be there!

SuperHero Enterprises.

SuperHero Enterprises.

Pulp Fiction Online.

Pulp Fiction Online.

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