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Jeff Cody Morris

The Artist in Venice.

September 16, 2010 9:40 pm US/Pacific

Jeff Cody Morris A Venice Artist who captures the essence of his eclectic experiences and manifests it in his art.

Venice, CA - Sculpting, drawing, and painting are what Jeff does most. He has traveled abroad and uses his experiences to inspire his creativity. Presently he is block printing the latest in his "Butterfly" series of denim jackets.

Since 2007, Jeff Cody Morris has produced 3 modest shows and has been known to showcase the extensive works of the painter, Allan Hanson.

A staple of the Venice scene, Jeff's work has been featured in 2008's "Ecologique - the Style of Sustainable Design" authored by Venice designer Kelly LapLante; and, as he drives about in his all electric car, one is sure to see that it unmistakably carries his design as well!

Below, join Jeff as he takes a moment to talk about Art, Allan Hanson, and his current projects.

Shows -

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"Artwork by Allan Hanson" - September 16, 2010

Stop no. 8 on the 2nd Venice Art Crawl

To learn more about Jeff, visit him online at or drop him an email at jcm_enterprises [@] me [dot] com.

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