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Stone and the Family Shultz
A Masterful Family of Artists!

October 16, 2010 US/Pacific

In a land, not so far away...
From a time, not so long ago...

Beverly Hills, CA - there came into being a family who weaves life's truths and tales into their works of art. Be it painted, sculpted, or scored, these talented Masters use their abilities to awaken emotions, delight senses and spur intellect through each one's chosen medium.

Welcome to Stone and the Family Shultz. If you have already experienced their works, then be reunited with their style and artistic presence. If you are just finding out about these artists, then stop, look, and listen. You will find an enticing foray into a vivid journey of artistic design.

Clearly, each one stands on his/her own. The fascination found here is not only are they bound by familial ties; but, they're bond is strengthened by their artistic abilities.

Born and raised by artists, allowed to develop their own sense of style, encouraged to step out on their own to find their way, they each have done just that: found their way.

We know you will find yourself encouraged and moved by their story and their works. And as you already know, we at the IN show strongly encourage you to contact them. Follow them. Share their story with others; because, that's exactly what we do here...tell all that is wonderful and amazing to the world.

Adam Stone       |       JD Shultz       |       Rachel Shultz

Contemporary artist Adam Stone was born in Hollywood, California and raised in the ethnically diverse and cultural melting pot of L.A.'s historic Miracle Mile district. Being from a family of artists, art was both a means of self expression and the way by which they survived.

With his love for painting the human figure in motion, his goal of weaving the familiar and the surreal, and his incredible style of contemporary urban expressionism, Adam has not only survived....he has thrived!

As a self taught painter, it is nothing short of remarkable that he would embark on his own personal artistic journey at a very young age to be where he is at, present day, having his art work published and collected world wide.

The Outdoor Gallery.

The IN show had the opportunity to interview Adam as he was exhibiting his artwork at the Beverly Hills Art Show Affaire in The Garden.

He makes for a great interview and as he shares his artistic passion, he also gives us some history into the fine art street scene established by his parents and still going strong.

Adam also gave us a walk-through of his outdoor exhibit. His artwork is vibrant, dreamlike, and each one has quite the story to tell.

As you enjoy the interview and take time to tour the exhibit, it will be clear to see that the apple may not have fallen far from the tree; but, it is surely taking root and starting its own garden.

Be sure to follow Adam Stone at AdamStone.com.

Adam Stone's Interview.

It has been said by collectors and critics alike, "JD Shultz captures the mind, soul and inner spirit through a body of work best described as 'complexity at its most whimsical.'"

With JD's being born into a family of professional artists, it would stand to reason that his greatest influences would be his parents, and two artist siblings Adam and Rachel. "My mom and dad paved the way for where I am today. I couldn't have done it without them."

JD's works are in the private collections of many of Hollywood's finest; and, now his music can be heard in many motion pictures and television programs.

As a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter, JD has recently decided to dip further into the pool of entrepreneurship by building his own independent label, Deep Pocket Records. Here now, in 2010, JD's brand new self produced solo record "Human Brother: 'Vision Days On The Life Ride'" is getting a huge buzz!

All of this musical imagery combined with his innovative use of acrylics painted on the reverse side of plexiglas has moved JD and his works into a realm that continues to explode into the positive!

While playing his guitar and showcasing his artistic pieces at the Beverly Hills Art Show Affaire in The Garden, JD (a.k.a. Human Brother) gave us a fabulous look at his current works on display.

Additionally, he made the time to chat with the IN show and give us an idea of how he brings his music to life and enables it to possess his paintings.

To find out more on JD, you can visit his gallery at JDShultz.com.


The Outdoor Gallery.

Take a moment, or two, or three...and listen to the tunes as scored by JD/Human Brother. You'll be glad you did.

Rachel Shultz was born in Los Angeles, California. With her parents, Jack and Carole Shultz, being pioneers in the Los Angeles street art festival scene, their creativity and explorations into medium left an indelible mark on Rachel.

Mainly self-taught, she began to explore her own creativity and studied Art and Art History at Santa Monica Jr. College. In her last year, Rachel Shultz was awarded the mentorship scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute under Prof. Mario Barratucci.

As she delved into various art form and mediums, she came to find that painting was her true love. Her current technique of using reverse painting on plexiglas is, in her own words, "...a very exciting medium with many unusual qualities. Being a less traditional painting medium than canvas and paper; and, because of this medium's unique requirements, this process puts me right on my edge, fully engaged with the moment where I feel most free."

One can find her numerous works in Galleries, Art Festivals, and personal collections throughout California.

The IN show had the pleasure of catching up with the busy artist while she exhibited her works at the Beverly Hill Art Show Affaire in The Garden.

She answered some questions, gave some wonderful insight into her world of painting, and gave us the opportunity to walk around her outdoor gallery.


The Outdoor Gallery.

Rachel Shultz' Interview.

You know what the IN show always says, "Stop, Look, and Listen!" So, be sure to do just that and take a peek at the works she had on display and listen to her delightful interview.

As always, the IN show encourages you to visit her site found at RachelShultz.com.

Gus Summers is the Host and Broadcast Producer for The "IN Show, an entertaining broadcast that covers all things exciting and enlightening. When Gus isn't busy covering current events and interesting people, you'll see him out and about enjoying all that the City of Angels has to offer. For any questions, comments, or program ideas, he can be reached at gus@kclafm.com.

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