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Cafe Britt Gourmet Chocolates

"Where there is smoke...there is laughter!" ~ Anonymous

The Smoke Shop. That fantastic place where friends gather and strangers meet.

The Smoke Shop. That hallowed ground where questions are answered, cigars are explored, and life is contemplated.

The Smoke Shop. Every town, everywhere has one to call their own. Have you stopped by yours?

The "IN" Show Review. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

We travel glitzy LA looking for the smoke shops near you. We talk to the folks, smoke the cigars, and bring you all the INside news. (We told you it was tough.)

So, check out where we've been, find out what's hot, and be IN the know with everything Cigars.

"My idea of heaven is moving from one smoke-filled room to another."
~ Peter O`Toole

Local LA Smoke Shops.

Big Daddy Fine Cigars | Anto's Cigar Lounge

Big Daddy's

Big Daddy Fine Cigars in Naples

Big Daddy's is an excellent establishment to get a cigar while catching up on the latest in sporting events.

A veritable home away from home, with its sports bar atmosphere and two big screen t.v.'s, you are sure to enjoy the day's "main event" with the added pleasure of being amongst friends.

Big Daddy's offers a fantastic array of fine cigars. You can casually walk in, have your choice, and enjoy it for as long as it lasts. As a member, it's Poker Night: gather some friends, bring the fun, and enjoy the fabulous smokes.

If you're looking to enjoy a good smoke in your very own personal sports bar, then look no further. Big Daddy's is the place to be.

Cruise on in at and tell them The "IN" Show! says, "Hit me!"



Anto's Cigar Lounge

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Anto Kamarian - the man behind the lounge - you will quickly understand that Anto's Cigar Lounge isn't just another business, it is truly a philosophy.

Anto's Cigar Lounge is an oasis away from the ordinary. Do you need some time to contemplate life's wit? Stop here and smoke her wiles away. Are you looking for some solid, heartfelt conversation? Bring your thoughts with you and share.

The draw of Anto's is evident as one watches the hours go by: Excellent customer service, a most welcoming atmosphere, and the notion that one has come home.

Anto's Cigar Lounge. It's about the pursuit of pleasure, taste, and aroma. You're welcome here.

Take time today and visit and tell them The "IN" Show! says, "Let it begin!"



Podcasts coming soon!

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