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According to Stuart Claxton, Guinness World Records US Spokesperson, "Over 1500 people showed up to the MegaMind 3D Kick Off to break the world record for the Largest Gathering of SuperHeroes."

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L.A. Live, Los Angeles, CA - People from far and wide answered Will Ferrell's plea for help! He needed everyone who could to dress up as their Alter Ego and show up in L. A. to break the world record of Largest Gathering of Superheroes.

There was loads of fun, plenty of laughter, and a good deal of comraderie amongst the masked many! Everyone came, not just dressed in full glory; but, with a sense of good times and memory making!

It's been said that, "the proof is in the pudding;" but, we think you'll see that the proof is in the photography!

MegaMind 3D, Los Angeles, CA - Will Ferrell IS MegaMind. Using his most brilliant super powers, in a most curious way, Will Ferrell single-handedly with the help of many, broke the Guinness World Record of Largest Gathering of Superheroes.

Will Ferrell and the Godfather of Superheroes Stan Lee were the dynamic duo; and, the previous world record was no match for the likes of them!

With the record broken and the crowds cheering, the MegaMind 3D Kick Off was the perfect place where young and old alike could gather together to show that everyone has a superhero within who will emerge at the appropriate occassion.

Superheroes, job well done!

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