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Indie Art - the "IN" show Way

Everyone has their own personal take on what the term "INdie" means. And, everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion. As for the "IN" show, "INdie" means it has been created by YOU, the INdie Creator.

INdie Art comes in all shapes, sizes and genres. Its beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Its strength lies in its very existence. Its future lies in the hands of those who possess it. The "IN" show is here to get the art seen, spotlighted and shared.

The Artist courtesy of vector clip-art

We at the "IN" show choose to embrace the indie creatives. It hasn't been lost on us that in order for an artist to have their work exhibited it must first have been in exhibit. How, pray tell, is that supposed to happen if no one opens a venue, a door, or an opportunity? It is all too common for the artist to be stuck in the vicious cycle of "Get your work shown and then we'll show it, too."

We say, "No more!" The "IN" show is your venue. Your open door. Your opportunity. We are the answer to the questions: "What have you done lately?" and "What have you got going on?"

You are already out there showcasing your art via every avenue you can. Now, add us. Just fill out our submission form and we'll contact you. From spotlights to interviews, radio to YouTube, we're here to walk with you on your trek of creativity.


A quick soapbox rant that you'll see alot from us: Most indie artists/creators are under the radar. They're struggling to earn a living. SO, if you like an indie artist's work, SUPPORT them! Attend their shows/exhibits. Recommend their work to others. Post, tweet, and share, share, share. Yes! That also means you should check out their etsy or cafepress or any other online store they are running and purchase something. (okay, we're done.)

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