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Brian Mylius

Meet the Contemporary Surrealist Painter!

December 16, 2010 7:00 pm US/Pacific

Venice California's very own Surrealist.
Dwelling in oils, acrylics, and imagination.

Venice, CA - Brian Mylius uses his vast knowledge of art history - as both a foundation of and a springboard into - the art of painting.

His works have been compared to those of Greek-Italian Surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico. Brian's works are rich in color and depth. They move you into an imaginative direction while simultaneously allowing you to be your own guide.

As of late, Brian's works have been a main showcase during the monthly Venice Art Crawls; and, during one of the recent VACs, the "IN" show had the unique opportunity to interview him.

Enjoy the interview and montage; and then, be sure to go here to visit Brian and spread the word about this gifted painter whose love for art itself is evident in each work crafted.

An interview with Brian Mylius, Contemporary Surrealist Painter.

Brian Mylius Montage

Gus Summers is the Host and Broadcast Producer for The "IN Show, an entertaining broadcast that covers all things exciting and enlightening. When Gus isn't busy covering current events and interesting people, you'll see him out and about enjoying all that the City of Angels has to offer. For any questions, comments, or program ideas, he can be reached at gus@kclafm.com.

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