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The Rising

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March 31, 2011 1:30 pm US/Pacific

The Rising.
The "IN" show spotlights The Rising's EP: Hey You!

Hollywood - CA The Rising is a spectacular band that is rather new to the indie scene. Hailing from Southampton (to my fellow yanks, that's in England), The Rising only came into being last year.

Already alighting England's venues on fire with their distinct brand of punk-inspired rock, they currently have an impressive EP titled "Hey You!" out on iTUNES.

The "IN" show was turned on to The Rising's music by one of the band members: Jimmy "Purple" Hayes. Jimmy reached out to us via social media and sent us an mp3 of one of their tunes titled "Think Tank." This song made an indelible first impression! With a bold blend of punk, rockabilly, and beat music, The Rising had us hungry for more.

When the band members sent us "Strangers in the Night" and "Story of my Life," we were in for a sweet surprise.

It has been said that the sound of The Rising is an "Oasis meets The Sex Pistols." They've also been described as a "fusion of Coldplay and The Kinks, heavy on the hard rock and easy on the mainstream." We've got to say, they are all that and so much more!

We found ourselves feeling the music. The Rising pulls you into their songs using a beat-filled melody that moves you to savor the sensations as they are played out. With an uninhibited ability to mesh punk inspired music with rock 'n roll beats while delivering incredibly confident lyrics, we found ourselves in a frenzy for the nearest mosh pit.

Currently, The Rising consists of members Tommy Overington - Vocals (this cat's voice delivers the goods every time), Ryan Griffiths - Guitar (the cool cat that is The Rising's backbone), Jimmy Hayes - Guitar (the "IN" show owes this brother big time for putting The Rising on our radar) and Steve Wadey - Bass (we found vids of the guys on YouTube and Steve executes!).

Their record label is Angry Badger Records and, as we mentioned, you can download their outstanding album from iTUNES for the outrageously affordable price of $3.96! We kid you not, tis best to forego the cup of joe, the can of pop, or the bottle of seltzer and spread the love by downloading these fab tunes. You can also get to know the band by heading on over to their Facebook Fan Page and giving them the like.

One last thing before we let you go to listen "IN" to the broadcast featuring The Rising....if these guys are this good now, just you wait...we think it'll be time for another British invastion!

Gus Summers is the Host and Broadcast Producer for The "IN" Show, an entertaining broadcast that covers all things exciting and enlightening. When Gus isn't busy covering current events and interesting people, you'll see him out and about enjoying all that the City of Angels has to offer. For any questions, comments, or program ideas, he can be reached at

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