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Robert, Adrianna and Kristen are: Acustalapse.

The "IN" Show - Thursdays 1-2pm US/Pacific [May 26, 2011]

removing veils and telling truths.

Hollywood, CA - Acustalapse uses the discourse of music to disclose to humanity all that is hidden in this era dominated by falsehood and misconception.

Unwaivered by the pains and angst of life, pushed forward by the need to utter, express, and provoke, Acustalapse steadily produces sounds that are birthed by inspiration.

Robert Andersen - Lead singer, Songwriter and Guitarist - propels Acustalapse as the heart and soul of the band. Having learned to play on his father's old acoustic guitar at the age of 13, he formed a punk band at age 17 that played the local Hollywood clubs. By 20, he formed Relapse, a 4-piece rock band that had a successful 5-year run throughout Los Angeles. Now, as both the front man for and the magic behind Acustalapse, Robert's enigmatically creative soul springs forth a wealth of inspiration that he lays bare for the listener.

Robert's poetry and prose has no limit. He makes it impossible for the listener not to experience its breadth and depth. His ability to intertwine music, words, and emotion borders on the line of alchemy.

Joining Robert in this quest to deliver music that entrances souls, speaks the unspoken and reveals what should and shouldn't be are Adrianna Parnagian and Kristen Andersen.

Adrianna, it has been said, was called to the world of music by the guitar. Electrifying and impassioned, she writes with eyes wide open and plays her instrument with fervor and force.

Kristen, drinking the cup of experience offered her by Robert, began to play music at the age of 12. At 16, she was gifted a drum set and - as it goes - the rest is history. She brings her hunger to perform and delivers it with a hard-hitting presentation and a "cutting-edge" beat.

With Adrianna and Kristen providing the warp of the band, Robert is most assuredly its woof. When you find yourself in need to express the unexpressable, to break free from the chains that bind, and to gain eyes that see what life should be, turn to these three.

Robert, Adrianna and Kristen are: Acustalapse.

Gus Summers is the Host and Broadcast Producer for The "IN Show, an entertaining broadcast that covers all things exciting and enlightening. When Gus isn't busy covering current events and interesting people, you'll see him out and about enjoying all that the City of Angels has to offer. For any questions, comments, or program ideas, he can be reached at

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