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Artist Adam Stone on his first ever online sale of a select grouping of prints of his art work.
The first ever online sale of a select grouping of prints of Adam Stone's art work.

February 26, 2014 US/Pacific

Adam Stone's Q&A
His art is set to be available to purchase for the first time ever online!

Los Angeles, CA - Adam Stone is one of L.A.'s finest artists. His work continues to be exhibited in distinguished galleries, estimable fine art exhibitions and numerous art festivals. (Case in point: Adam's art has been exhibiting in the prestigious Beverly Hills Art Show for over 20 years!) Having been raised in a home where everyone was tripping over each other's work, art is in his blood.

It was inevitable that Adam would find his own way.

His work has been described as contemporary, surreal and fantastical. He paints a little bit of everything - from musical to figurative to whimsical and more. His style is penetrating, telling, and each piece has its own voice. His pieces go so far as to evoke an awakening of both the senses and the sensibilities!

After seeing quite a few of Adam's pieces, it can honestly be said that his work is absolutely mesmerizing. He brings such life, gaiety and thought to his work. Whether you are an avid art collector or have yet to begin a collection, to own one of Adam Stone's pieces is a must.

Now, for the first time ever, an online sale of a select grouping of prints of his art work is going on now!

Having started on February 26, 2014 and going on for 30 days, the prints will be available at Here's your chance to get some unique, affordably priced, signed prints of some of Adam's best work. Plus, it gets shipped right to your door! You can get just one (for yourself) or several (they make exquisite gifts) and it's only a "click" away.

We had the opportunity to ask Adam a few questions about the current online sale, his creative process, and where you can learn more about him and his art. Enjoy the read and then be sure to check out the sale at It's an opportunity for you to collect some amazing art for a wonderfully, affordable price!

When you decided to pursue an online venue, why did you choose

A Publisher I work with has a working relationship with the folks over at One Kings Lane. Hunter's Alley is a new online marketplace and they felt it perfectly suited my style of art work.

How did you choose which pieces of work would be represented during this campaign?

The Publisher cherry picked some of my most recognizable works as well as a few of my latest pieces.

What is the most exciting aspect of having your art available online?

The exposure to so many people internationally at one time.

When people see your art, what are you wanting them to experience?

I want them to feel inspired. I want to take them on an imaginative adventure into the realms of their own imagination. I'm just cracking the door open a bit!

What, or who, inspired you to become an artist?

Many people are aware that I was born into a hyper creative family. Both parents, as well as both siblings are professional fine artists.

Having come from such a strong artistic lineage, what influence does that have in your artwork?

[Art] couldn't be avoided as it runs through the veins.

How would you describe your creative process?

Much of what I do is intuitive. I usually have a concept in mind initially but I don't like to box myself in too much. I like to allow the process to develop and reveal more to me as I progress. It's the merging of my subconscious mind with the moment that interests me most.

A little known fact is that you have a great love of music. Does music play a part in that process?

Yes it does. I have a myriad of playlists that rotate. My musical tastes are pretty vast so there's always something a click away that's appropriate for the day's studio adventure. Lately I've been on an M83 kick. I just discovered this new singer, James Vincent McMorrow, whose voice is unlike anything I've ever heard.

You're work has been represented in many of the major art festivals, where can people hope to find you this year?

I will be showing in the La Quinta Art Festival, one of the country's premier juried art festivals in La Quinta, Ca (March 6th-9th). You can see me at the Mission Federal Artwalk in Downtown San Diego (April 26th-27th) I'll be doing a bit more traveling this Summer. Folks in Chicago will see me there for the first time in years as I roll up there in late August for a couple great events (Lincolnshire, Port Clinton).

Where can people learn more about you and your work?

People can see much of the latest work, videos, as well as read my blog at I'd love to hear from any and all!

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You can stay current with all things Adam Stone by visiting his gallery online at You can also like him on facebook at The Art Of Adam Stone and follow him on twitter at @AdamStoneArt.

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